The Statim Holdings investment management philosophy is driven by each client’s personal financial objectives.  We have no standard formula or pre-existing model that we apply to all clients. Rather, our approach focuses on fully understanding each client’s unique needs and developing a customized strategy to fulfill those needs in a way that maximizes returns, while minimizing taxes and expenses.

—Statim Holdings professionals are well-versed in the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, with emphasis on tailoring the appropriate asset allocation to the client’s specific situation.  Asset classes include equities, fixed securities, real estate and cash/cash instruments.  The dominant question we seek to answer is, “What percentage of a client’s net worth should be invested in each asset class today, and how should that percentage evolve over time?”  The answer to this question will enable us to recommend the best strategy and best investments within each asset class.

—We further recognize that investment planning does not occur in a vacuum, but is a comprehensive process that involves tax considerations, insurance needs, home and auto loans, education funding, retirement planning and more.  Accordingly, our strategies and techniques are validated and enhanced by our network of CPAs, estate attorneys, and other practitioners within the investment management profession.